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Creating a new claim

We are pleased to introduce new functionality to the system which will improve and streamline the way that the claim entry currently works.

ReceiptStash is here, this is a much easier way to store receipts and enter your claim, this will greatly reduce the time inputting your expenses.

Below are the changes that we have put in place for ReceiptStash.

Adding Receipts

We have improved the way in which you can add receipts to the system. Add receipts on the fly and add to the claim later, we also have our dedicated mobile applications which can handle this with great ease.

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Creating a Claim

Creating a claim is now a much more efficient experience with the way we have streamlined the process, taking the strain from claiming your expenses.

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Approval View

We have greatly improved the approval view for when managers/finance team approve claims. We have now included a side by side view of the claim line to the receipt in order to speed up and make the approval process easier.

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Classic View Changes

We have also made some changes to the classic view so that it interacts with the ReceiptStash

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